The VW (Volkswagen) group owns more cars that anyone can imagine. That is apart from their own VW lineup of course. The most popular models that VW manufactures are the Golf, Jetta and Passat.

If you’re looking for a VW seat belt, the odds are it is a dual stage. Seat belts are equipped with a gas-charge that goes off during an accident to tension the belt and reduce the occupant’s impact with the airbag. Once the seat belt goes bad, it’ll either lock up or start rattling. The bad news is that once the seat belt goes bad it will no longer work during an accident. The good news is that it can be repaired instead of getting replaced. Visit – the srs specialists resetting airbag modules and repairing seat belts after accident. Seat belt repair starts at $65.

A lot of new VW seat belts are dual-stage. This means that the seat belt is equipped with 2 gas-charges and it’s practically 2 seat belts in once. Such seat belts are $100/each to repair and can be ordered here: Dual-Stage Seat Belt Repair

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