Seat Belt Webbing

Seat belt webbing replacement for all kinds of seat belts starting at $75 from

You are now able to re-use your old seat belt with our seat belt webbing replacement service! You no longer need to buy a brand new seat belt since Safety Restore will repair yours back to new conditions. Whether your seat belts are simply old or your dog chewed them all, we have a solution for you. All cut, torn, ripped, frayed/fraying and dog-chewed seat belts can be easily re-webbed using OEM material back to factory condition. We do a color match on black, gray and beige seat belts. Whether you have a brand new car or are restoring an antique, our technicians will restore your seat belts fully by replacing all tags and accessories from your original belt to the new one. This service is compatible with all makes and models. You can find the service by clicking on the following link: seat belt webbing replacement.

For only $75, not only will you get brand new seat belt webbing installed, but all original tags will be re-sewed back onto the belt! All accessories will be attached properly and fully tested. You simply buy the service online, ship your seat belt(s) to us and we repair them within 24 hours! Visit to get started!

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