Seat belt pre-tensioners are equipped in all newer vehicles sold in the U.S. as safety components working simultaneously with the airbags. Seat belt pre-tensioners are responsible for tensioning the belt itself during the unlikely event of an accident. Once a vehicle has gotten into an accident that would be the end of the seat belt. You would have to visit a dealer and pay hundreds of dollars to get yours replaced. All until now.

Now, you are able to re-use your existing seat belt pre-tensioner with our seat belt pre-tensioner repair service.  Safety Restore is the repair facility responsible for carrying out the repairs. The process is easy!

Simply visit the repair store online at and order the necessary services. Pay using a secured online checkout and wait for a receipt to be automatically e-mailed to you. Then package your seat belts carefully and send them out for repair. Your seat belts will be repaired within 24 hours back to factory condition using OEM parts and come with lifetime warranty.

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