Seat Belts Locked Up after Accident

Seat belts locked up after accident? No problem. Yes the seat belts are equipped with a gas-charge that ignites during an accident, tensioning the belt and reducing the force of the airbag impact – when deployed. Once the seat belt is deployed, it will no longer function properly and certainly will not go off during another accident. If the accident was minor and you’re planning on repairing the damage, the seat belts are one of the most important components.

Here is a video created by Toyota New Zealand to help demonstrate the function of the seat belt tensioner:

As seen, the seat belt has a very important function and needs to be addressed seriously. If your seat belts locked up after an accident, you can have them repaired for a fraction of the price of new ones. repairs all kinds of seat belts from all makes and models starting at $65. All you would need to do is remove your seat belt that has been locked up after an accident, and send it in to them for repair. It’s that easy! OEM parts are used to repair and replace any and all components needed, including the gas-charge ignitor, and everything is completed within 24 hours of receiving the seat belt. The service also comes with lifetime warranty – so you’re protected.

Visit the seat belt repair page at Safety Restore by clicking HERE.

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