Replacement seat belt retractors, tensioners & buckles for all makes and models!
Seat belt webbing replacement: fraying, ripped, cut, torn and dog-chewed.

Seat Belt Replacement

Retractors, Pre-Tensioners & Buckles

Looking for a new or used seat belt for your vehicle? Vehicle been in an accident and your seat belts are locked or no longer retracting? Airbag light on indicating a faulty seat belt retractor, tensioner or buckle? Fraying seat belts, cut, torn or have been chewed by your dog? Whatever the problem may be, we offer the largest selection of replacement seat belts for all makes and models. We work with the actual seat belt mechanism, repairing the retractors and replacing the gas-charged ignitors. We also replace seat belt webbing and provide factory-refurbishing options. All of our seat belts come with Lifetime Warranty and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the manufacturer and government requirements.

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